film & compositing



Music Video.
Music Video. Created by PEW36.
Music Video. Created by PEW36.
Feature Film. Directed by Alex Chandon. Post Production & VFX by PEW36 and others.
Music Video. Directed by Matthew Campbell.
Music Video. Created by Pew36.
Produced by ThirtyThree and created by Swift Films.
App Promo. Produced by Relish Video Production.
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Compositing, Editing & 3d Modeling.

Animation Producer, Compositor & Green Screen Extraction.

Compositing & Thumb Actor.

Co VFX Producer, Compositing & VFX.

Co Producer. Compositing, 3d Modelling and Character Animation.

Compositor & Green Screen Extraction

Some of the projects I have worked on have used a combination of live action and fabricated elements. The bulk of work on these projects was in the content creation & compositing.

Compositor, Green Screen Extraction, Motion Graphics Design & Animation.

Postproduction rebranding and Ident Animation.

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animation & motion design